The Yale Visual Law Project produces short documentary films on legal issues to advance public debate.

Education. We run a year-long practicum at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School that trains law students in the art of visual advocacy — making effective arguments through film.

Innovation. We explore the intersection between law and film through multidisciplinary workshops, discussions with renowned guest speakers, and hands-on production.

Advocacy. We produce intellectually stimulating and well-researched films grounded in the stories of people who live out the consequences of the law.

Community. We are part of a rising community of students, lawyers, and filmmakers invested in visual advocacy.  Learn more about our grand experiment and sign up for news and updates. 

  1. Posted November 17, 2010 at 3:59 pm | Permalink

    Dear colleagues,
    I was very pleased to discover “The Yale Visual Law Project.”
    As the moderator of the community on multisensory law at C. H. Beck publishers, I would like to draw your attention to this community (see http://community.beck.de/gruppen/multisensorylaw). As you can see, this community consists of different fora, such as the forum on visual law and the forum on audio-visual law.

    Perhaps you might be interested in reading one of my postings (see http://community.beck.de/gruppen/forum/audio-visual-law/the-fate-of-the-iconic-sign-taser-video-by-christina-spiesel-yale-law-school).

    Wishing you good luck with your project!

    Colette R. Brunschwig

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