Protect Yourself from Aggressive Debt Collectors Using These 5 Weapons

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Debt collectors can sometimes act like hound dogs sometimes; like they can literally be relentless in their attempt to try and force you to pay back the loan you took. Sometimes, they just go too far. And you will never find any shortage of people complaining of debt collectors knowing on their doors at odd hours or blowing up their phones for their loans to be repaid.

But many states have already put and enforced strict laws on debt collectors already regarding issues of abuse or harassments to the borrowers. Some states are even trying to enforce new rules to try and make some of these protections even stronger, which, in all fairness, is what everyone needs. This article will attempt to explain how this will happen.

1. Collectors have to get it right

Recent research by the CFPB found that in the past year alone, about 1 of every 3 contacted customers who were contacted by the creditors or credit collection agencies were asked to pay back the amount they borrowed. Only that the amount which was being requested from them was totally wrong. Often a time, you find that many debts are usually sold with inaccurate, incomplete, or inaccurate information about the borrower and even the borrowed amount. And here is where the problem begins.

A new law would require that all debt collectors scrub the data they have about their borrowers and the borrowed amount and ensure that they collect and store only the correct information and only contact their customers after they have acquired the correct information about them and the amount they owe.

2. Collectors can’t call and call and call

What is it with all the calling every two minutes? Like most sane people will get the message you are trying to communicate the first time you call. So why keep buzzing their phone calls? Luckily, the CFPB’s proposal will also prevent debt collectors from attempting to call their customers more than six times per week. At least, this will save people all the stresses which most debt collectors put people through.

The new limits should also allow the borrowers to stop their creditors from calling them on particular phone lines, while at work and even during certain hours.

3. Debts would now be easier to dispute

This new proposal will also require that debt collectors include more specific information in their agreement forms about the debts plus the initial notices that they send to their consumers. The good news about this proposal is that it will also put some power in the customer’s hands, especially when it comes to defending themselves against any harassments or scams from the debt collectors. This new proposal would also allow the borrowers to verbally question the validity of the debts at any time. The borrowers will also have rights to demand the collection agencies to re-check their files to ensure that they have accurate information.

4. Debt should be documented on demand

The debt collectors would also be required to provide a full debt report to the borrower if, in any case, there is any dispute arising about the debt. This will put the debt on pause as both parties attempt to come to agreements on the debt amount and any agreements and forms that may be leading to the dispute. In most cases, you find that innocent consumers end up being hounded by debt collectors over debts that they don’t owe or even know nothing about.

5. Disputes can’t be shipped away

In cases where a debt collector decides to transfer any debt without responding to any disputed on the debts, then the next collector has no rights, whatsoever, to collect the debt. Not until the dispute has been resolved by the previous debt collector.

These new proposals are meant to protect both the debt collectors and the customers. Consulting with Northcash about your privileges as a debtor will give you all the important information you need to know when getting credit.

And, in as much as debt collection plays a significant role in the economy, it can also end up exposing innocent consumers to unnecessary abuses.

10 Facts About Immigration and Why They Are Important

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There is a lot that goes on with immigration that many people are unaware of; even after speaking with their immigration lawyer agency. Canada immigration is a bit strict and stringent, but once those who have applied and been accepted do so, they discover that Canadian citizenship is fantastic.

The whole immigration process itself is very long and arduous, and individual pieces of information go over so many peoples head. So to catch you up to speed on what goes on immigration we have taken the liberty to compile a list of 10 things you need to know about immigration and why it is important.

10 Facts About Immigration and Why They Are Important

# 1 – Displacement Is One Reason For Immigration

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War is hell, and for many people, war strips them of their land. This is where immigration is a great option and a great saving grace for many families.

# 2 – The UK Holds The Most Diverse Place In The World

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The United Kingdom is home to the worlds most diverse place, and this is thanks in part to the high level of immigrants.

# 3 – Immigration Laws Are Different

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Immigration changes from country to country. There are some countries where they have not accepted and have no desire to allow any foreigners in their country and some countries where you can become a citizen after living there for 15 years.

# 4 – Canada Is One Of The Most Immigrated Places

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Canada has been one of the friendliest and welcoming countries in the reward in regards to accepting immigrants.

# 5 – Six Noble Prize Winners Were/Are Immigrants

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Six Noble Prize winners were immigrants. “Doesn’t matter where you came from. It only matters where you are going.”

# 6 – An Estimated 40% Of Americans Had An Ancestor Who Was An Immigrant

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It is no secret – much of America was first started and created by immigrants.

# 7 – More Muslim Refugees Immigrated To American Than Christian In 2016

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Back in 2016, more immigrants were of Muslim religious background then Christian religious backgrounds who immigrated to America.

# 8 – Denmark Is Not Known For Welcoming Immigrants

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As mentioned in one of our earlier posts – some countries make it their policy to not allow immigrants into their country. Denmark is this country.

# 9 – About 60% of Immigrants In The United States Arrived There Before 2000

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More people immigrated to Ameria before 2000.

 # 10 – Immigration Is Great For The Economy

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Immigration is great for boosting the economy and for many reasons. More workers, a new target audience to sell to and more culture.

Worried About a Possible Divorce? Look for These 9 Red Flags!

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Sometimes even all the riches in the world, the fame, kids, lifestyle, and even amazing careers don’t cut it when it comes to living happily with your spouse. Other people may look at your life and see nothing but paradise, luxury lifestyle and all. What they may not know is what lies underneath all that glamor. Talking to a family lawyer about a possible separation is very normal.

Most instances, you find that families end up divorcing because of a marriage went wrong. It is possible for you to get your frustrated relationship back on track if both of you put an effort to do so. And that’s why it is vital that you recognize the signs while it’s still early enough.

Here are nine signs your marriage might be heading towards the divorce way.

  1. You are not happy

Many at times, this is the first obvious sign in any marriage that ultimately leads to a divorce if left unchecked. This is not one of those times when you argue over something small and get angry with each other. It’s plain unhappiness no matter what you or your partner do to try and bring some joy and spice up the relationship. It may be because your partner is unreliable, hostile most of the time or even shutdown. Maybe you feel your partner is no longer as responsive as before. All these are signs of unhappiness.

  1. Most of your interactions aren’t positive

The interaction ration of happy couples is around 20:1 which means 20 positive interactions to only one negative one, a study by John Gottman, a marriage counselor. And that, of a near-divorcing couple is 8:1. So, if you notice you have more negative than positive interactions for a period of time then something is going terribly wrong.

  1. Looking for reasons to avoid your partner

So, you have just gotten home from work and decide to wait in the car instead of going in the house simply to try and avoid your partner a little while longer. Or maybe you prefer your friends’ company to that of your spouse.

  1. Your family or friends urging you to end the relationship

At times you find your family and friends urging you to break off the relationship, claiming you’d be better off. Sometimes, it may be in your best interest to listen to them. Those closest to you will always only want the nest for you.

  1. You have a gut feeling you need to get out

Your gut instinct may be talking to you urging you to get out and do it fast. Maybe something is about to do gown and you feel you’re no longer safe around your partner.

  1. You live like roommates

It gets to that point where you and your partner even sleep in separate rooms. You don’t care to check with your partner even after long trips or stuff like that.

  1. Everything is hard

You realize that nearly every interaction you have with each other feels like work, like a chore. Everything feels difficult and dramatic. Your conversations with one another are either heated, provocative, or painful.

  1. One or both of you have changed priorities or values

Your priorities or values all over sudden change and you both want totally different things both in and out of the relationship.

  1. A sudden change in behavior

You suddenly realize that your spouse has suddenly dropped lots of weight or even suddenly takes a renewed interest in their appearance. Maybe they suddenly start spending a lot of time from home, sometimes even sleeping out. Maybe they start wanting lots of more sex or even ignoring you altogether. Something is amiss.

Reasons Why Medical Malpractice Claims in Canada Are Less Compared to the U.S

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So, one thing you need to know before you begin reading through the article is that the Canadian courtrooms and U.S. courtrooms are usually totally different; at least they are like the American television courtrooms you always see being televised. In fact, it is absolutely nothing like that and part of the reason why is due to the different types of legal systems between the two countries. The differences are also evident when you talk to the medical malpractice lawyers Toronto.

There are vast numbers of differences between the legal systems of Canada and USA but you will still notice that a few of these legal systems are quite similar and also contribute to some of the reasons why the compensation rates of most plaintiffs are usually very low. In fact, your chances of winning a medical malpractice claim in Canada is so difficult that sometimes the doctors and nurses who actually cause these negligent acts walk away scot-free. This article has attempted to try and explain some of the differences in the two countries’ legal systems.

  1. Low compensations for any pain and sufferings in Canada

Back in 1978, the Canadian Supreme Court declared an inflation-adjusted cap on the total amount that any plaintiffs involved in medical malpractice claims could be compensated. And as of 2015, the maximum compensation that the Canadian supreme court has allowed for any plaintiff who has suffered pain and suffering as a result of the defendant’s negligence in a medical malpractice claim to be awarded is about $350,000. And this is constant no matter how catastrophic the damage might have been.

In the New York state alone, back in 2011, up to ten cases that filed cases involving medical malpractices were awarded well more than $3,500,000 for the pain and suffering the plaintiff went through. But you will find that most of the US states are now starting to put limits on these claims now as well and you may be surprised that some of these limits are even lower than that of Canada.

  1. Socialized medicine will lower the plaintiff’s future costs

This means that the plaintiffs are usually awarded for any other medical expense costs that they always end up paying in the future as well. But this is not the same in Canada, where the defendants don’t need to pay the plaintiffs for any provincially-funded health care costs like physician appointments or hospital in-patient appointments. In the US, the defendants may sometimes be required to pay for any of the future costs incurred by the plaintiffs as a result of the injuries that were caused by the defendant’s negligence when handling the plaintiff in medical malpractice claims.

  1. Jury awards are usually similar in Canada

In Canada, all juries that award compensations to the plaintiffs in cases where the decision is in the plaintiff’s favor need to explain their decisions in detail and in written forms and are usually bound by the evidence they are presented as well as any other decisions that were made in the previous cases. The Canadian courts don’t function like this as you will realize that most of the money they compensate the plaintiff are always from the tax-funded programs which are another reason why the compensations are usually not as high.

  1. Punitive damages are rare in Canada

The legal system usually aims to compensate the victims of negligence in such cases and not to punish the defendants. The compensation is usually aimed at ensuring the victim can return back to the way his/her life was before the injury occurred from the negligence and this is also another reason why the punitive cases are less common in Canada than they are in the USA.

ICBC Lawyer

5 Best Ways To Maximize ICBC Settlements

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If you are in an accident (which can happen at any time), there’s a lot that an ICBC lawyer can help you with. Being injured is depressing and devastating, but you must not fail to protect yourself or your finances.

This is the purpose of an ICBC lawyer. They can help you understand the factors that make claiming your ICBC settlement easier. From who is at fault to the magnitude of the injuries, all of these play a big role in getting you your ICBC settlement.

ICBC settlements are awarded with regard to pain, suffering, and financial losses because of the accident. However, there are times when the people in question can make it difficult for you to get what you deserve, especially when you haven’t yet recovered completely.

Here are five ways you can maximize ICBC settlements after an accident:

Contact an ICBC lawyer immediately

Your first action must be to hire a lawyer immediately. If you contact ICBC directly, you will be assigned an adjuster, who will make sure that the amount paid to you is reasonable to ICBC. Adjusters are adept at negotiations and will smooth talk you into a settlement that’s unfair to you. They are not on your side.

Only a lawyer can help you get what you deserve. You must immediately contact a personal injury lawyer with extensive experience in dealing with personal injury claims. Most ICBC lawyers don’t charge anything up front, and if no settlement is received, they receive no fee.

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See a doctor and consult thoroughly

Personal injury claims are assessed based on the reports from doctors. The doctor who is treating you will write a report describing your medical history, the injuries sustained in the accident, the treatment plan, and progress to recovery, including the diagnoses and prognoses.

However, the report depends a lot on what you convey to the doctor. If you say you are fine, then that’s what the doctor will write in the report. Make sure to accurately tell the doctor how you feel, how bad your injuries are, and how they are affecting your life.

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Let your injuries stabilize

It’s difficult to assess your claim until it is known if the injuries are only temporary or will have a permanent impact. Once your injuries stabilize and you have recovered to a certain extent, it is easier to assess the claims and decide a compensation amount.

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Mitigate your damages

If your injury was due to the negligence of someone else, you must take the proper steps to minimize the damages. You must do exactly as you’ve been directed by the doctor to help treat your injury, otherwise the opposing legal counselor in a personal injury case will try to lower your settlement amount by pointing out that you didn’t follow your/the doctor’s instructions.

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Get witnesses

If you can find a witness to the accident is highly recommended as it strengthens your case (the more witnesses the better!). Getting written statements from the witnesses helps an ICBC lawyer obtain for you the compensation you deserve.

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An injury is a major blow to anyone, but having an ICBC lawyer at your side can help you acquire a suitable settlement which can help you in this aggravating situation.

5 Most Important Qualities of a Slip and Fall Lawyer

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A slip and fall lawyer is necessary because accidents never come with a warning. You never know when you might get into an accident at home or outside. It could happen while watching TV, while at work, while walking your dog, or taking a shower.

It can even happen while you are buying some healthy fruit juice at a convenience store.

One of the most common accidents is slip and fall. Yes, you could slip and fall at home, on the street, in the office, or at a restaurant or supermarket. Not only can you slip and fall in liquids, but also trip on wires, carpets, or uneven/slippery flooring.

If you’re lucky, you can escape unscathed from the fall and go home with a minor limp. In the worst cases, you can end up with broken bones. If the fall happens at a commercial establishment like a restaurant or store, you can demand compensation. This is when a slip and fall lawyer can help you.

Personal injury attorneys specialize in different fields. Slip and fall is one such specialization, and it isn’t hard to find lawyers dealing in slip and fall cases. However, not every attorney will provide the same quality of service. Choosing the right slip and fall attorney may be difficult, but if you know what to look for, the process becomes easier. Here we explain five qualities of an adept slip and fall attorney.


When an injury occurs because of the negligence of someone else, it affects the person physically as well mentally.

Therefore, one of the most important traits of a slip and fall lawyer is compassion. The lawyer needs to listen to what the victim has to say, and offer suggestions and help. Instead of treating a personal injury victim as just another case, the lawyer must treat them as humans.

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Compensation is the most important factor in a personal injury case. A slip and fall lawyer, therefore, has to be practical and reasonable when deciding the amount of compensation the victim deserves. If the compensation amount is unreasonable, it can prevent the successful negotiation of the matter.

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A stellar and sagacious slip and fall lawyer personally handles all his client’s cases. He is involved in the whole process from start to end and cares about helping his clients get the right compensation. A lawyer who makes his assistants handle all cases isn’t involved enough and doesn’t care about the case. A victim will never find the time and dedication from such a lawyer.

You want someone who actually knows your name and knows the situation. Assistants don’t have legal training to know the nuances of the law and know how to prepare for the other side’s case.

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A slip and fall victim will have a lot of questions for the lawyer, who must patiently listen to the questions and concerns and offer answers and explanations. Responsiveness is a crucial trait of a slip and fall lawyer. Nothing frustrates a client more than not getting answers to his queries and concerns.

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There are lots of details that need to be gathered to make a case strong enough. A slip and fall lawyer must be thorough and diligent enough to gather every possible information regarding the case and strengthen chances of the client getting the compensation they deserve.

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A slip and fall can take a toll on your body and mind. Make sure you have a qualified, motivated, and astute lawyer on your side to help you.

commercial property lawyer

5 Things to Do When Renting Out Commercial Property

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If you have never rented out your commercial property, then utilizing the help of a commercial litigation lawyer can be highly beneficial. After all, you own a commercial space because you want to make money from it. But being new to leasing your property can often result in an undelightful experience.

When you rent out your commercial property, your intent is to maximize your return on investment. The process can be complex, but it isn’t when you do your homework well. Before renting out your commercial property, here are five important things you must do.

Ask questions

Before you consider renting out your commercial property, ask yourself certain questions. Is the space ready to be rented? Who is your ideal tenant? How long will the lease be? Should you perform a background check on your prospective tenants? Should the lease be renewed? What kind of agreement is right for your property? Asking yourself such questions can help you figure out some of the basic details.

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Do market research

Without market research, it isn’t possible to set the right rate for your space. An underpriced space won’t make you any profit, and an overpriced space won’t bring in tenants.

Therefore, setting the right rate is extremely essential. Market research also helps you figure out the vacancy rate for commercial spaces in your region. Since not all properties have the same vacancy rate, market research helps you determine the most realistic rent for your property.

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Set lease terms

This is an area that a commercial litigation lawyer can help you with. You have to decide on the terms of the lease and make a legal-binding document to be signed by you and your tenant.

The purpose of this document is to keep a record of the terms of the lease agreed by both parties. There cannot be any alterations in future once the document has been signed by both parties. A lawyer can help you with setting the terms of the lease.

There are other people too who you must consult when preparing the lease. If you have a mortgage on the property, you have to consult your financier. If any work on the space is required, you have to consult an architect. A property agent can also be consulted to make sure the terms you have set are correct.

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Beautify the space

A good-looking space always attracts tenants more easily, so you must keep your property in top condition. Not only do you have to keep it well maintained, but also increase its appeal by adding beautifying elements and other decorations. Get a professional photographer to take pictures of the place to go with the listing.

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Get the right tenants

Do not be hasty in finding tenants. Getting the wrong tenants can make your life a nightmare, robbing you of peace of mind and also money. Instead of trying to get your space rented out as soon as possible, look for the right tenants, and don’t forget to do a thorough background check.

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A hardworking and prudent commercial litigation lawyer can help you go through the whole process without a hitch. Make sure to get expert advice before renting out your commercial space. This is not a guessing game. You want to make the right decision because the wrong decision can be costly. Call a commercial litigation lawyer in case you suspect a problem.

6 Most Common Forms of Disabilities Eligible for Claims

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A committed disability lawyer can help you get the benefits you deserve. The list of disabilities maintained by the Social Security Administration is pretty extensive. Various forms of medical impairments are covered under that list, based on which individuals are entitled to disability benefits.

Even when the exact impairment isn’t listed, an equivalent of the condition may still make the person eligible for disability claims. But to know if you are eligible for a claim, you must first know what disabilities age listed. Below are the most common types of disabilities.

Vision impairment

Visually impaired are referred to those people who cannot see. This condition can either be from birth, or acquired later because of a genetic defect or accident. When a person is visually impaired, it is almost impossible for them to keep a regular job. If they are unable to hold on to a job meant for disabled people, they are eligible for benefits.

visual disability lawyer

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Hearing impairment

Deafness can range from mild to profound. People who are hearing impaired may use some equipment and strategies to function normally, such as hearing aids, lip reading, interpreters, etc.

However, there are certain conditions where the individual is rendered incapable of normal activities because of the disability. In such cases, a disability lawyer can help the person get the benefits that they deserve.

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Mental conditions

Although mild mental disorders don’t usually interfere with day to day activities, more serious conditions like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and personality disorders may adversely affect the way a person thinks and feels. In such cases, when the condition prevents the person from holding a job, the person is eligible for disability benefits.

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Intellectual disability

When a person has below-average intelligence and lacks even the skills necessary to perform basic day to day activities, the person is referred to as intellectually disabled. Such disabilities are different from mental disorders and usually diagnosed during childhood. Intellectual disability can be mild or severe.

Someone with mild autism or learning disorders may be able to hold certain jobs, others with more serious conditions may not be able to keep any form of employment. Whether as a child or as a grownup, a disability lawyer can help you file for disability benefits.

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Neurological disorders

There are several types of neurological disorders that make a person eligible for disability benefits. Some of them are multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and cerebral palsy. To be eligible for disability benefits, the disorder must be long term and prevent you from working. Any disorder that gets better with time and treatment isn’t eligible for disability benefits. A dedicated and sagacious disability lawyer will be able to guide you in this matter.

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Musculoskeletal problems

Problems of the bones, muscles, and joints are referred to as musculoskeletal disorders. Carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and some forms of arthritis are musculoskeletal disorders. When applying for a disability benefit, you must be able to prove that the disorder prevents you from functioning normally and holding on to a job.

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A disability lawyer can not only help you recognize if you’re eligible for benefits but also make the process easy for you. This is not something you want to try to ascertain yourself. This is a legal matter. Call a legal counselor or disability lawyer today!

6 Of The Most Common Workplace Accidents

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There is often a perception, among both workers and employers, that accidents can only happen in the sort of workplaces we tend to think of as dangerous: but ask a personal injury lawyer like construction sites, factories, or just about anywhere if you happen to be a firefighter. And of course some places of work contain more hazards than others. But ask any personal injury lawyer – like  – and they will tell you that accidents can happen anywhere. Read on for some background on some of the most common types of workplace accident, what you should do if they occur, and what you and your employer should do to reduce the risk.

1 Slips, trips and falls

This umbrella term covers one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace: falling down, whether that is on a floor that is slippery and wet, down a flight of stairs, or tripping over an object. Such an injury might seem minor, but it can have serious repercussions, particularly if the injured party hits their head.

2 Falling from height

There is obviously a greater risk of this type of injury among those workers whose jobs involve working on rooftops or climbing ladders; but this can happen in an office if someone is simply reaching for an object on a high shelf, or changing a lightbulb. In fact, the risk of an accident occurring could be even greater in such a workplace, if the right equipment and training is not in place.

3 Falling objects

This can have particularly serious effects if it happens in a warehouse, if large quantities of heavy stock fall on a worker – which is why the use of appropriate protective equipment such as a hard hat is necessary. But nasty head injuries can happen even in a retail or office environment if something falls from a high shelf. It is vital to train workers on how to store items safely, and provide them with the space to do so.

4 Walking into things

We’ve all done it: walked into a corner of a table, or a glass door that we thought was open. It’s easily done, particularly when we’re busy and distracted by the demands of the working day. But if a seemingly minor accident like this happens at work, any injury that results is the employer’s responsibility. It is well worth taking the time to minimise and label any hazards in the workplace.

5 Vehicle accidents

Again, these can happen anywhere – but a vehicle crash or impact counts as a workplace accident if the person involved is driving for work. It can be particularly hazardous when driving specialised vehicles such as lorries or forklift trucks. Regular vehicle safety checks are the employer’s responsibility – and employees must speak up if they see something unsafe.

6 Machine entanglement

This particular type of accident is of course most prevalent – and most potentially dangerous – in a factory environment, where it can cause serious injury or even death. Protective clothing, equipment and training are essential.


‘Health and safety culture’ is a common complaint. But centuries of injuries and illnesses due to unsafe working practices have resulted in legislation that your employer needs to follow in order to keep you safe. If they are putting you or your co-workers at risk by cutting corners, contact a personal injury specialist at a Halifax law firm.

Medical Malpractice Questions to Ask An Attorney

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Medical malpractice occurs within the health care profession more often than many would like to believe, unfortunately. Such a personal injury case occurs when a doctor or another health care professionals makes a mistake during their diagnosis or treatment of any type of ailment that leads to more concerns or damages to the individual. Some mistakes may occur, but those can be rectified in the long run. Malpractice is the only feasible option when something goes so wrong that it requires more surgery, medicine, or treatment in order to effectively heal or work with. This is a massive inconvenience for most people, especially an injured individual who is out of work. The first step should be looking into medical malpractice lawyers Toronto.

1. Your Lawyer’s Research

In order to prove medical malpractice took place and there is a court case involved, your attorney will want to perform a bit of research of their own. This will usually involve a few questions that you must answer, including whether or not there was a doctor-patient relationship involved, how the doctor may have treated you while on the premises, and whether or not any damages stemmed from the doctor’s decision or mistake. These are all considered malpractice.

To define medical malpractice, the lawyer will need to receive full answers for every question mentioned above to determine the case is viable or not. Such cases usually hinge on whether or not the doctor breached the standard of care for their patients.

2. Questions to Ask

As mentioned before, your first step should be to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. If you believe you were the victim of medical malpractice, speaking with a professional attorney immediately will be truly beneficial to all involved.

To start, you should have a few questions to ask your attorney so you may fully understand the situation on hand. Keep payment off your mind, as most personal injury attorneys won’t charge you for their services or representation straight off the bat. They will take a cut after winning the case, though.

Okay, so a few questions to ask include:

  • Can I file a medical malpractice suit in my home state if I traveled out of state for medical treatment? Do I have to file in the state where the medical treatment was received? Can you, a personal injury attorney, represent me in the other state?
  • Does our home state have “tort reform” laws in place to limit the amount of damages received for medical malpractice?
  • Is there any sort of time limit involved with filing a medical malpractice lawsuit? What if I only learned of the doctor’s mistake years afterwards?

For more information, please check out the Bogoroch & Associates LLP website.