VLP featured in the New Haven Independent

Check out this piece in the New Haven Independent, featuring VLP’s own Tom Maher, Ivy Wang, and Eric Parrie. Production has just begun on VLP’s latest film, an in-depth profile of the New Haven Police Department. More news on this exciting project to come! http://www.newhavenindependent.org/index.php/archives/entry/lights_…_cameras_…_community_policing/

Infographics as tools of Visual Law

One of the real challenges of policy-oriented documentary films is conveying complex sets of facts in a visually appealing and succinct way. In our own films, we have learned that it takes a strong collaboration between director and animator to bring data to life. And we are always excited to…
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The Worst of the Worst tells the story of one Supermax prison in Connecticut, where prisoners deemed security threats are kept in isolation for 23 hours a day, sometimes for years on end. It explores the impact of Supermax on former inmates and correctional officers, and brings in the voices…
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